mardi 10 novembre 2009


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ines a dit…

enfin !!!!

Barbora a dit…

Are those your drawings? Soooooooooo cute! Don't really understand a lot but like it!

Come to visit me:)

Lala Pardessus a dit…

Hello Barbora ! Thank you so much. Cute is effectively the real word I've in my head when I draw. I think like you about my French writing : impossible to translate in English without beeing a little bit... Crazy ? But drawings don't need words. Drawings are cool only for that. Your blog is in my favorites. Now, I can take news about you too :)

encorepetite a dit…

J'adore ce petit bikini à frou-frous ! Trop chou !
Merci d'être passée hier :)
x x x